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I would love to give the mittens a good home, I'll be a loving and supportive step-mom.

I would really love to finish these mittens, they would be perfect for my winter drive to work up here in Northern Ontario..

I would look after them well but would be wearing them for sure. My hands are short and squat so they are perfect for me.

I am so sorry about your mitten catastrophe! I have had that happen during so many projects... It is heart breaking. Socks for me especially, because I have weird sized feet. Grrrr!

I would love to care for your mitten and knit it's mate for my sweet daughter who has just started middle school. She loves handmade gifts (to give and to get) and has a beautiful heart. I love the idea of her going off as a "big kid" with a bit of handmade love wrapped around her.

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