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GORGOEUS! Congratulations on such a large and beautiful project! I hope it keeps you plenty warm for many days to come.

Wow! It's just beautiful! And it looks lovely on the chair. I admire your dedication and stamina 'cuz your lovely afghan is a big project.

Joan, It is beautiful!! You should be proud! Enjoy every minute it keeps you and your dh warm!!!!

HALLELUJAH indeed! Congrats -- it is beautiful!

Congratulations!! It is PERFECT!!
I'm so happy for you!!

WOW!!! What an achievement!! Congratulations! It is GORGEOUS.

It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love the color. You should be so proud.

Congratulations on completing such a large project, which is very beautiful, btw.

Wow Joan,
It's so beautiful. What a wonderful design. I love the patterns and the trees are so nice. I don't know how you figured out how to do that, but it's a real heirloom and such a nice accent in the room. It's something to be proud of. Job well done!!!

Joan - Your afghan is absolutely gorgeous. It truly shows off your talented knitting skills to accomplish such a detailed project. Thank your husband for being so kind as to hold it up so we all could see the detail work. I can only imagine how many times you sit back and admire this lovely afghan. Great job and thanks for sharing it for all of us to see. You are one talented knitter!!!
:) - Just Gorgeous!!

It's lovely!

And that dog is ADORABLE! and coming to live with ME! ;)

Can you tell me how big this is and how many csat on stitches you did to get it this size. I love it and think you did a wonderful job.

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