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Those Circa notebooks are very pretty!

I'm a cheapskate, though. I have my patterns in sheet protectors and stored in binders. I use tabs to separate them out into knitting, crocheting, and cross stitch.

I keep each WIP in a separate to-go bag, with the pattern in it. I use stickies to add notes, track rows, etc.

Sheet protectors work exceptionally well for charts, too. I use a strip of painter's tape to mark my place.

Dana: Sounds like you have a good system too!

Those Levenger Galaxy Circa discs are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the photo. Someday I'll buy a set (at four times the cost of plain discs) and the equally gorgeous & expensive Kyoto discs. For the moment I keep my pattern books in a very large three-ring binder. Each book is held in place by a plastic three-hole-punched strip slipped vertically through the center. Makes it easy to browse through the books and stores them neatly. I enjoyed knitting sweaters years ago, now I am hooked on socks. I love to knit during the winter months. So cozy. For the bulk of my decades of paperwork, including computer-generated, I am in the process of replacing all my bulky three-ring binders with the Levenger disc-binding system. Like you, I also have the Levenger Circa punch. I just love this revolutionary system. I'm in the process of transferring papers from three-ring notebooks into Circa bindings. I'm also Circa-punching everything in sight, all sizes, gathering together all sizes within large Circa covers. I also make little notebooks from spare paper and cards which I enjoy giving to admirers of the small Circa notebook I carry in my purse. I disc-bind colored cards, 3x5 or 4x6 inches; no covers necessary with stiff card stock.

Hi Claire, nice to meet another Circa fan. Have fun organizing your patterns!

Dana, check out the M by Staples Arc Customizable Notebook line of products at Staples. They are the Circa equivalent (and compatible with Circa) but MUCH cheaper, and have pretty covers, as well as all the fun accessories (task pads, tab dividers, etc). The only issue, though, is that you still need to purchase the circa punch from Levenger. I haven't found an Arc punch available at Staples.

I'm curious how you find the quality of the Galaxy Aurora discs. I have some but I am unsure whether to keep or return them, they feel lighter weight then the regular discs.

Hi Kristina:
I've not found them any less durable than the regular discs but I am only using this book for storing knitting patterns/notes so it is not something I'm carrying around on a daily basis. My daily circa planner is a leather one so I went with the standard black discs to match.

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