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I have been looking for a reasonably priced and well made set of rosewood clicks. Thanks to you I will defintitely have to order some in.
Also, I am so glad to have found your blog. I have many customers that are allergic to wool and although we do offer many solutions I am always happy to learn about more options. Come and visit us at The Knitting Nook sometime! I would love to have your input on our selection.

Hi Alison: your customers will LOVE them. And I'll definitely stop in next time I'm in CT.

Hi, I bought my Colonial Rosewood interchangeable set from Webs in January and I completely agree with your review of them. I absolutely love them. (When I started learning to knit about 4 years ago I bought a very cheap interchangeable set. They caused no end of frustration.) I also agree about the case. Not liking that much, but I can live with it. This set is such a joy to knit with. I also put a dab of clear nail polish over the size stamped on the needles because without it the white paint seemed to wear off quickly.

Bonnie, I'm definitely stealing that idea of putting nail polish over the numbers -- I have a few that are already fading.

I use to like them until the needle part came loose while I was knitting in the round! So unhappy because these are not a cheap set!

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