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this is so beautiful! I love it.

I get a lot of knitting done in my van in the school parking lot waiting for my son. I tend to arrive early, having left extra time for traffic, then the coaches let them out late.

You've knit while standing in line! That's great :) I usually carry a book and take that out on the bus, in a line etc.

What a great glimpse into another knitter's "cove." Great post! I tend not to knit outside of my house because I like my pillows and blankets arranged just so. But every once in awhile I do...

Oh, love it! Now I can't really have an excuse for having no room for my knitting stuff. I hope to set up a little corner in our living room. There is an over-sized chair there, with built in book-shelves behind. So, I'm thinking of having a basket beside the chair with my current project, and then use the shelves to store other stuff. Thanks for the ideas!

What a lovely little corner - the light is glorious! I ended up making a list like yours, and your list reminded me of a few knitting places I forgot!

Thanks for your post!

I love bay windows. I'll bet you get good lighting there.

Oooh the T. You must be a Boston-ite!

You have a very nice knitting space those chairs look comfortable.

Starbucks Tuskawilla or Barnie's Baldwin Park location. I love the people watching while I knit.

At home --- it's in my office. Great light,comfy sofa, great stereo and a nice view out the front window.

Your stitching spot looks wonderful.

This is one super-cute corner to knit at. Love your comfy chairs!

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