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I like the approach you took to this post! I have the same aspirations, and I think it every time I start a new project - this time, just do it right the first time. I haven't made it yet, either, but the only solution is just to keep trying. :) Thanks for your kind comment on my blog - nice to 'meet' you!

Oh, I completely agree. I've had so much practice, I can unknit almost as quickly as I knit. :-)

I like the way you addressed Day 2's topic. That is a fantastic knitting aspiration! I think one of mine is to learn a new technique with each piece I knit.

Thank you for a new phrase - herd of turtles - I love it!

It sure is a pretty color!

Herd of turtles ....LOL

I agree I would love to be able to knit something & not have to unknit it just once. Maybe someday but for I don't think that will be anytime soon. I like your color choice.

Other than very small projects, I don't ever plan on knitting something completely mistake-proof. It's just what knitting is about. Kinda like bowling-sometimes you're really good, and other times you can't do anything right!

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