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Yummy colour selections!

Very cool design... you've selected amazing colors. Looks like a very fun project.

I love it! It's great that you found the method that works for you and Lynn Anne's is a great one.

To cut down on finishing time, you could do one long strip at a time, for a total of 4 LR strips to seam together. Just a thought!

Yes, I thought about the one long strip but I really like the color variation you get with seaming individual squares so I'll just have to have a seaming marathon when I'm done. Which stitch technique are you using to seam yours together?

I just read your post and saw that you went to my blog, and it actually helped you! Isn't that method of short rows great? Leave it to the Danes!

That is going to be such a pretty blanket!

I would love to make this and am wool free. Love the color play of the Noro, but can't go there. Can you talk more about your method for choosing colors and how much of variegated and solids are needed.

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