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Santa's elves better get busy because, after looking at your Christmas wish list, I am dreaming up a knitter's wish list of my own! My 13 year old son is sweet and likes to help me wind new yarn into balls for me but he tends to wind too, too, TOOO tightly... so one of those ball winders would be perfect for me too! For anyone who has not heard of them, I think all knitters NEED the awesome blocking mats from www.knitpicks.com. They are great! My mom got them for me last Christmas...

Thanks for the link to the blocking mats, Kim, I'm in the market for those too!

I hope you get the blocking mats. They will be terriffic for your GAAA as well. Some folks in my GAA class used wet tea towels and a hot iron for blocking and pressing, and they ended up mashing some of their squares really flat, losing some of the great textural quality. For the blocking mats, I use a ton of pins to block my item, use a spray bottle and lightly mist the item with water, and then let it dry overnight. Super simple!

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