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It looks so cute, I love seeing Christmas posts ;) It's so hot here I want it to be Fall already and I don't mind one bit that we are only 5 months away from Christmas!

Yep, I've been knitting socks and hats. Hope to have socks made for all my immediate family, and hats for all the grandkids and great-nieces and nephews. Have made great progress on both, but I can't let down for a second. For a surprise I'm even going to make a pair of cozy socks for my mother-in-law. She's been watching me knit these things and dropping gentle hints.

That's a funny story! I keep eyeing left over bits of yarn and keep thinking I should be making minature sweaters for Christmas tree ormanents. I am making a scarf (Christmas gift)for a coworker right now... your little stocking is adorable!

Its looks So Nice ....Very Cute Stocking!!!!

Wow...this Christmas stocking looks awesome. Nice blog also

I love that pattern! I've made a few for my tree, although a set a 6-8 would make a sweet Christmas present.

Less Christmas knitting this year. Mainly making things for my niece and nephews.


so cute. you will never start Xmas things too early!

So cute! I set a goal of knitting one wee stocking a month this year to use as Christmas gift toppers... So far I have one... You've inspired me to keep working!

Does thinking about Christmas knitting count?

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