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I LOVE HomeGoods, but I haven't shopped for yarn storage items there yet! If I win it will definitely be on my list.

I would love to look into some Home Goods baskets with lids for yarn and current project storage in my living room.

I love HomeGoods. I've found a few craft storage items on clearance for my mom. She is the crafty one.


I almost have to make myself stay out of HomeGoods - they have so many good deals on cute stuff there! I recently purchased a beautiful paisley fabric-covered storage box there; it's where I will be storing my letter writing materials, and I just love it!

Pretty scarf! Wow....I do believe that before I had a Basset, I was prone to buying lots and lots of baskets there, but alas, she is into everything and baskets are no longer an option...sigh...sacrifices!!

Congrats on your one year anniversary! :)

I am not entering because Hawaii doesn't have a homegoods so I have never been there...

Happy Blog-anniversary! I love what you share here!

Happy blogaversary! I'm so glad we "found" each other! :)

I live in one of 12 states with no HomeGoods store. I do, however, visit Florida, Illinois and Arkansas occasionally so could find a use for a gift card there! I looked at their website and love the baskets for storage.
Love your blog!

Home Goods is fabulous even though I have to drive hours and hours to shop at one.
I buy lots of those "shopping bags" and use them for projects but, especially, as little gifts when I travel. In many places in the world, people have to supply their own shopping bags and Home Goods bags not only last forever, they are quite pretty. I also use them when I give birthday, shower, Christmas, etc. bags...far better than those paper bags and useful after the fact.

Congrats on your one year anniversary! I like their baskets for storage and their gift bags. Thanks,.

Congratulations! I have to say that even though I don't comment very much, your blog has been an invaluable reference in my search for wool-free yarn. I search through your past entries to add yarns on my list and it's so nice to see how non-wool knits up. It shows that you don't need animal fiber for yarn to be yummy!

I have a basket that has a toile lining. It is of a size where the yarn can be laid in a nice row so that I can see what I have without having to dig into it.

It's been fun getting to know you and seeing how creative you get without wool. Here's to many more years!

Happy blogging anniversary!

I've not gotten any craft or storage items at Home Goods...yet. But I do spend time in the kitchen and bathroom department. And it's definitely my "go to" store for pictures frames.

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