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Wow, I've never seen bags like any of these. I can see why you like the clear bottom bags, but the Nantucket Bags are amazing. I enjoyed checking them out on line with the links you provided. Adding these to my Christmas wish list! I think the gals in my knitting group will like to know about these bags as well. I have too many project bags myself and too many unfinished objects, but I do like to use gallon sized zip closure clear plastic bags for small projects; can put pattern and yarn in bag to keep track of what I have in mind for yarn as I buy it.

I've kept it inexpensive. For small projects, I use the nylon stuff sacks my DD's pointe shoes come in. Needles do go right through, so I have to use point protectors, but the sacks are free, have a drawstring, and easily hold a sock project, hat, or lacy scarf (on circs). For bigger or multiple projects, I bought a capacious canvas tote bag with straps I can sling over a shoulder or carry in my hand. It has one outside pocket and two small inner ones, which I use for things like my cell phone. For my knitting tools (on the go), I use a sturdy plastic cosmetic bag. Both cosmetic bag and canvas tote were purchased at a big box store.

Larksong, I'm so impressed with your frugal knitting bags and accessories. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

This looks cute and very handy! Bags like this are perfect for knitters like you. Can it be used as a cosmetic kit, too? Because my cosmetics are just cluttered around I don't know where to put them. Or can I just knit pouches made up of brown sheep yarn for my make-up kit? I think it works too!

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