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I am happy I won. I am psyched to get to spend more at Home Goods!

I am seriously excited to see this put together! I was thinking the dark color that's in a few of them would work for the border.

Hmm, Alyssa, I had been thinking about the dark blue too - you might have a good idea there!

I like the idea of an i cord border. I can't wait to see the finished product.

I think the turquoise would be really attractive for the border... For my GAA, I stitched 10 squares together before my 13 year old son told me I had it all wrong. I unstitched them all and walked away and told my son to figure it out; I was done! He carefully went about the task and his final layout was so incredibly thoughtful. I could loan you my son for a consultation (ha, ha!) but Colorado is really far from you! Best of luck with the final layout. It's been a blast to watch your Lizard Ridge Squares come together. Looks like a very fun project...

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