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We are so much alike!!

Wow, have a fantastic trip. My dad always said, "Bring half as many clothes as you think you'll need and bring twice as much money as you think you'll need!" Maybe you should bring twice as much yarn as well... just in case. It will be like "insurance" to ensure your travel goes smoothly!

I travel to Michigan often. I cannot knit and drive at the same time (safety first you know). I usually have one small suitcase of clothes, etc and a full knitting bag. I also throw a few extra skeins of yarn in the suitcase, if there is room and an extra small bag of yarn, needles, etc to keep in the back seat, in case of an emergency. I guess I should tell you that most of my stays are only one or two nights. I think this might be excessive planning for knitting. What do you think?

HAVE FUN! I also tuck a skein of sock yarn in my bag. Socks take me a long time to knit, and one skein of yarn doesn't take up that much room.

I hope you find some great yarn shops in the UK!

Yes, Patsy, that does sound like a lot of yarn for a brief stay but I do the same -- you just never know if you'll get snowed in or something! I DEFINITELY overpacked for Europe but that was fine -- at least I didn't run out of yarn. That would have been the real tragedy!

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