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When I was crocheting a blanket for myself, it took me 180 hours to make it (70 squares plus border and seams). It was my summer task! There is no way I could make a blanket if I don't have few free months on my hands! I am fascinated by your determination!

Ah Kaede, I'm now at approx. 189 hours on the Picnic Afghan and this is without seaming or border. I think you made amazing time. My determination borders on insanity. I'm prone to large, impossible feats of stupidity. It's in my genes!

Knitting a 63-square afghan was one of my biggest knitting accomplishments. It took 9 months. You go, girl!

But I did a crochet blanket, and for some weird reason I crochet twice as fast as I knit.. If I had to knit a blanket it would take me at least 300 hours!!

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