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Yes, the red hat that I had to rip back a bit on is for me (see yesterday's post). I am making neck scarves and hats for the needy who live around our church. I have 3 hats and 3 scarves done and still have 2 more scarves and a hat or 2 to do. I also have a crocheted baby afghan that has to be done by mid-December. I plan on finishing this over Thanksgiving. I was able to fly through a few rows during a meeting a work this morning. Oh, well this is part of what makes it Christmas for me. How about you?

Oops, I posted on another site about ripping out part of a red lacy hat because I was so sleepy I was knitting with my eyes closed. This lead to a lot of ripping back.

Yes, Patsy, I suppose knitting like a mad woman to a Christmas deadline is just part of the holiday season for me now. LOL. And it's the WORST when you have to rip back a project you are knitting to a deadline. Feels like a double blow!

I'd like to be knitting myself fingerless gloves so I could knit more comfortably at hockey practice.

Instead, I'm knitting my SIL socks. And then I have another sock, a hat, a pair of slippers and a lace stole. I may never knit for myself again.

The frost is coming to Germany, and I can't find 6 hours to knit myself a pair of gloves because I am busy knitting Christmas presents for my family!

I hear you ladies, of course heaven forbid we should BUY ourselves gloves to wear in the meantime.

Well, how could I ever buy something if I can make it myself?? No way, I'd rather freeze my hands than BUY gloves! ^_^

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