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Updates look fantastic. Font size is just right! :)

Love the colourful header. And the big print is great for my 40-something year old eyes!

Love the font size. Even with my lazy eye I can see it! Looking forward to seeing what changes you are going to make. Enjoy your site very much.

I love the font size. Now I just have to figure out how to enlarge the font on my Kindle!

Hi..the new look is great..a neat & clean look..
I was also thinking of getting a make over for my blog..but was too tired (lazy) to get it done..hmmm..u inspired me to move my lazy self & get it done..haha..!

Oh I love it! The gray background is a really good backgrop and contrast for the main text area. And the new header is very colourful. Great job! :)

Looks great and love the font size.

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