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The hat is adorable! I love the brown yarn in the pompoms!

Duke reminds me of my Pomeranian, Shy. I have put one of my knitting bags between my chair and the wall. He still finds a way to wiggle back there to sleep on it. I learned to keep it zipped after I found that he had emptied it all but the half finished afghan and promptly took a nap on the afghan. Like the hat.

The hat...very cute. The dog...well...very interesting hairdo. Just kidding...Duke's cute too.

Hi..I was looking for something like the yarn box case that u have. Is it big & heavy..? Does it take up a lot of space..?

No worries, Noreen, Duke is used to people making fun of his big ears/long fringe. Glad you liked the hat!

the case itself weighs next to nothing and is about 14" square so not too big (a little bigger than a 12 X12 afghan square) and I've loaded mine up with all the yarn and book for one afghan and I find it very light to move from one place to the next. It's not a "bag" so it is more like carrying a bin/box since you have to grip the handles on either side of it, but it is really quite light. When it is empty you can fold it completely flat. I love it!

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