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It's really pretty!!!!

I am very interested to hear how it is going. I am hoping to visit my sister who lives in Colardo at the end of this year and as I only get to see her every few years (as I live in England) I am thinking about making a GAAA for her. I've got the book and have been following your progress but have not yet made a start. Every time you finish a square it reminds me that the clock is ticking. Maybe I will start with the Moroika square!

Yes, Becky, I'd suggest you get started. Of course if you finish up before me I may just have to fall on my cable needle in a fit of despair!

I LOVE it. Great color, too!

The squares you've completed so far are AMAZING! I really prefer the GAAA rather than the other "GA" versions. You've probably mentioned already, but what yarn are you using? It's great for cables.

Hi Janet: The yarn is Berroco Comfort Heathers -- it does knit up lovely and my favorite thing about it is that you can toss it in the washer/dryer without a worry. Seeing as this afghan is for my college-age niece, washability was a MUST.

All your squares look fantastic (I followed the link through to see the others). Such beautiful work and gorgeous colours and patterns

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