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Hmmm...it is a bit big on you! It's gorgeous though!

It's really pretty. If you don't love it, someone else will!

It's beautiful, but I understand about the slipping part. That's why I went with the massive scarf, which seems to be working so far. Also with a cowl, it's hard to get it to stay close to your neck in the front, where the wind tends to sneak in.

It is a good colour for you. Maybe you should keep it for a while and try it with some different jackets before you make a decision. Bx

Thanks everyone -- I do love the color and I love the yarn and the pattern is so pretty so maybe someday I'll knit something else with this yarn. And you are right, Becky, perhaps trying it with a different coat would make a difference. I've also thought about pinning the front with a scarf pin. I don't know, I'll have to play with it a bit. And maybe look for someone with a bigger head and more hair to really carry it off!

That was my first thought, using a shawl pin in the front. The big cowl is very fashionable right now and yours looks great.

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