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Well, to be honest, right now my dream studio looks like your dream studio! What great ideas!

Ahhhhh bliss! You have me dreaming your dream too. I can picture it all. Sadly my Billy bookcase is in the family room and full of all kinds of stuff but the Tom Bihn is all mine. Now to get one of the kids to move out so I can have their room as my studio!

Well ... you are a professional organizer, so you should like organization!

I can't say I'm completely organization-free - I have some of those nice canvas buckets, and sleeves for my knitting and crochet books. When it comes to yarn, however ... no systematic anything (after putting it in a bucket).

I'd love a studio and yes, I'd spend some time and money at Ikea. But a little happy disorganization feeds a part of my soul. Different strokes and all. :)

Oh my gosh - this whole thing is WONDERFUL!! I hope you can achieve your dream very, very soon.

Is it weird that I'm incredibly jealous that you're a professional organizer? I've always thought I would love to do that!

IKEA is definitely getting some nice press from today's topic! I love my Expedit shelf unit.

My dream knitting studio will probably happen this fall. Second (and youngest) child will be heading for college. His room is on the southeast corner of the house, and it's lovely. I'll get another Expedit shelf for the room, and organize it to be more guest room-ish (unlike the teen boy room it is now). The current Expedit shelf, which lives in our bedroom, will go to DH for his clothes that now live in the back of the closet, falling off the shelf.

I'm not looking forward to being an empty nester, but I'm doing my best to make lemonade from the lemons!

That will be a beautiful room. If anyone can do it you can!

Ahhh, what a lovely dream . . . love it, love it! That would be an awesome craft room. I hope your dream comes true someday (and then of course you'd have to share photos of it).

Sounds like my happy place! I smiled all the way through this post! May your dream room come true one day!

Don't get me started! My dream includes replacing the shed and greenhouses at the bottom of the garden with a new room where only I can shut myself in come rain or shine and listen to radio 4 and work my way through my stash. It also involves not working, not doing any housework, etc. My reality is that I am knitting a pink ballet cardigan for my almost 3 year old and planning to build her a play house at the end of the garden for her birthday - I can't wait. Love your ideas for getting organised. Bx

I love it...I will be renovating a large room for a fiber studio I think I love some of your ideas. I may have to look you up when the time to furnish it comes around. I will also need room for drying fiber, fiber prep stations, an area to hold classes. Along with all the other things you mentioned above.

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