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I am currently using Comfort Chunky for a blanket(my second with this yarn). I havent used northhampton bulky-but i have used bershire bulky and the berroco just doesnt have the same stability as the webs wool yarns. Very soft, so squishy, but much drapier than the other yarns.
I have a lot of leftover confort Chunky from my first blanket and would be glad to give it to you if you want to try it out for yourself. Feel free to email me and i can drop it off- I am in south end.

I think Berroco Comfort Chunky would be a nice choice. It drapes nicely and is washable. Seems to hold it's shape very nicely. Plus the stitch definition is so pretty. I've been knitting almost exclusively with Berroco Comfort (DK, Worsted Weight, and Chunky) lately. I LOVE it! A gal in my knitting group recently completed a very heavily cabled long cardigan sweater with the Berroco Comfort Chunky and she was really happy she used that yarn. Hope that helps! :)

Thanks Beth and Kim for sharing your first-hand experience with the yarn, this is wonderfully helpful feedback!

I like the Comfort just fine. I've used for a few projects.
But I would also strongly recommned a cotton/acrylic blend.
Knitpicks has Comfy, Rowan has Calmer, and a few other compnaies have this blend. It's amazing for the softness, and drape it provides. The acrylic gives it the bounce that cotton lacks, and it still has all the good qualities of cotton. Great stitch definition, and machine washable.

there's no subtitute for Valley yarns after all.

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