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Hmm...okay...I just need to find something tedious to knit now! I see what you mean though! Everything is relative :)

Yeah, seaming isn't so bad, weaving in ends is more tedious to me.

Ugh... seaming! I work so hard to knit nicely only to muck it up with poor seaming... dang it! I have been avoiding projects with sewing. I'd rather make bobbles all day long than sew even a small seam! I admire your projects where you've done a terrific job of seaming. I should just make it a goal to learn to do it right and then I won't shy away from such projects.

I hate seaming too, but learning how to make that seam invisible does make you feel accomplished. Although I have to agree with another poster that weaving in ends can be tedious especially if its a colorwork project.

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