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Your OSCAR is wonderful Joan...such a handsome young man!...you really have done a great job..love your choice of yarns too...alpaca is such a beautiful yarn, isn't it?....I think you have a new best friend....
Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Susan x


I think you should take him all over town, and take pictures of him. Then, you can give your nephew Oscar, and his own personal photo book to look at!

Thanks Susan, hi praise coming from his creative designer. And yes,the alpaca worked out okay for me which was a pleasant surprise!

Ha, cute idea Dorothy. I'll definitely keep that in mind for a future critter for him when he's a bit older and able to appreciate it.

He's gorgeous, and I wouldn't want to give him away either!

very cute! :D

He is darling - I have these patterns, but haven't started them yet - way to many other commitments for my knitting time at the moment. He and his other cohorts are on the list though. I just cannot resist them.

Again, well done!!!!

I saw him on Ravelry too -- he is sooooooo cute. I don't blame you for wanting to keep him. I knit a chicken that lives on my nightstand, not in my kids' rooms.

Oh my goodness! He's so adorable. I just want to give him a squish! I can see that this is such an enjoyable knit. Well done! :)

Oscar is absolutely adorable. Perhaps he needs a cousin to live at your house???

I'm glad you enjoyed my tour of the yarn shop in Macon. You should open a shop, for those allergic to wool. I'm not allergic, but I'd certainly visit (and blog) if I was in the area.

Thanks Joanne: One day I might just open that yarn shop -- but location and timing would need to be just right!

Oscar is marvelous! I've never tried a knitted toy, and have had my eyes on Elijah the Elephant, but Oscar may beat him to my needles! Lovely work, as always!

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