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I am knitting a giraffe as my boyfriend asked for one for his bday. I decided that I don't like knitting toys because I spend half the time sewing up and assembling the pieces!

You are right, Kaede, there's lots of seaming involved with toy-making. For me it's sort of the way some people describe giving birth, once the baby is here they forget all the pain -- similarily, once the little critter is all done I completely forget the pain of the seaming and I'm ready to cast on for the next one! LOL

So cute! I wish I could say I was knitting, but doing 2-3 rows a week probably doesn't count. At this rate, this afghan will take approximately 88 years! LOL!

Every stitch counts, Alyssa and just think, in 88 years you'll have a gorgeous afghan to keep you warm in your old age!

I am learn entrelac, so I am making a scarf using sock yarn. It looks great and is not taking as long as I thought it would.

I guess I need to "learn" to spell also.

Entrelac is something I haven't tried yet, Patsy, but good to hear that it is knitting up faster than expected. That so rarely happens for me. LOL.

Oh my word, he is just precious! Well done.

Thanks, Amy. Are you doing a stuffed animal for your daughter's care package?

Hiram is awesome! The fibers you chose are so perfect...

I am knitting caps... big surprise! :)

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