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Oh, this is going to be a GORGEOUS sweater! I love the design and the color. I can relate to the unfocused knitting... sometimes I cast on three hats over two days and it makes me feel as if it takes forever to finish even a small project. Currently working on two hats and a dishcloth ALL at the same time!

Oh yes, project monogamy is not my strong suit. It was on my list of "Promises to Try" for this year and I've done better but still haven't been monogamous... although I only have 4 on my needles with a pair of socks itching to hop on as well but I always pop off little "instant gratification projects" when I work on big sweaters and things so I have a feeling of accomplishment.

I used to be a one project woman, but lately I'm having that problem too...maybe it is the summer???

Pretty, VERY pretty, sweater!

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