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I'm a little red faced to admit it, but the "it" for me seems to be lace (at least right now). I don't do charts either, I only work from a written pattern. I always use a life line in my knitting, so when I make a mistake, I can rip back...I also write down what row I am on when I put in the life line. So far, it's been working fine for me. I love the look of cables, but they are not my favorite to knit either. I think that is a clever idea to look at the projects you enjoy knitting and stick to those. I think for me, it's more about the process than the product. But I am just a new knitter, so what in the world do I know?! Love your blog. I am glad to find a blog that is not full of wool fibers...since wool and I don't seem to get along. Wishing you a wonderful day. :)

Well Stitchy McFloss, you needn't be embarrassed at all. I took a peak at your lace knitting and it's lovely. Looks like you've found your "it" in your "knit". Thanks for sharing!

I totally agree!! Cables are nice & I can do them, but a project full of them went from a throw to a pillow pretty quick. I don't enjoy them that much. I've some laceweight waiting for me but life outside of knitting is too crazy for that kind of commitment. Socks are my addiction. Very compact and DPNs allow me to put it down quickly. I do keep detailed notes, which sometimes drives even me a little nuts.

I enjoy reading your blog and marvel at the beauty of your wool-free projects. What is your favorite yarn to use for socks?

April, I haven't tried socks as yet. Part of me fears I'll get as addicted as the rest of you, but on the other hand, I'm not a big fan of knitting on dpn's so they may never really be my thing. We'll see. I won't know until I try. I do have a lovely skein of "Sock Candy" that will my my yarn of choice whenever I get around to knitting my first pair. Thanks for asking!

I don't have any particular technique or aspect of knitting that I just adore over another, nor do I have any that I dislike either. My knitting is very process driven, so as long as I do a different kind of pattern each time, the most current is "it". I cannot knit two pairs of socks in a row, or do too much stockinette. I really enjoy knitting as a whole, but I must have variety or I get bored.

I've worked with lace and while I'm knitting it's the most relaxing, most rewarding, fun thing ever. Once I'm done, I'm like, "If I don't see another yarn over in the next year, that'd be fine with me!"

Vicky, I'm like that with cables -- but then the next thing you know I'm suckered into another pattern full of them. I'm with you on needing a variety in projects as well -- still finding my way.

I've been reading your blog for some time now and when I read this post I thought about some of your featured projects with beautiful cabling. It may not not be your favorite thing to do, but you do it beautifully, lol.

Aw, thanks Vicky. I think it's the FO that keeps me heading back to cables over and over again -- it's hard for me to resist the look for long. LOL.

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