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That's crazy! You would think they would at least cross out the wrong yardage on the tag!

I could go on about poor customer service, but I'll control myself.

Oh my goodness - they didn't offer to comp the skein or discount it for you since it was their error and not yours? Oh heavens no... I'd be on the phone fussing at someone because unless there was a disclaimer on the site when you purchased it stating how the tag is incorrect, they just ripped you off.

Ugh, that makes me so mad. I'm sorry you've had to deal with such ugly service... odd that we wrote about the same type of things but had completely different results today.

It is annoying that these were tagged wrong, but it appears that I was the one who did not notice that these were 100 gram skeins when I ordered them on-line. It's been a long time, but I doubt that the wrong tag was shown on-line. So if I had paid attention to that small detail, then when I received the yarn wrongly tagged I would have contacted them to ask why I got a skein with 50 grams more than ordered.

It's an unfortunate comedy of errors I guess.

Well, that certainly explains it! How odd! At least you could order a new skein and can finish the shawl, which looks gorgeous.

Glad you could get another skein-whew! Maybe weigh the skein from now on before starting-I know, I wouldn't think to do that either!!

That really, really stinks. It's good that you were able to get another skein to finish your project, but it's a shame that they didn't just give it to you.

Colorsong owes you, in my opinion.

Oh how frustrating! And I agree with the first poster that the wrong yardage should have been crossed out.

I had sticker shock when I checked out the price of that yarn, but was willing to splurge if I could get this one shawl knit with one skein. Not so much if I have to buy two. (Single Mom of a thirteen-year old daughter, really nice yarn has to take a backseat sometimes.)

I think that the company would have put a huge flag, in red, and caps, indicating this possible mislabel though! I am glad you're able to get another skein.

Don't you feel like such a SMART knitter when you get out your digital scale? A terriffic tool to have on hand. Sorry to hear of your yarn label frustration... in the end, the shawl is lovely. Fun pattern!

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