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Stash does happen. When I first started knitting I didn't think I'd have much of a stash either - ha!

I've had to stop buying lace yarn - lace things take SO long to knit.....

The same goes for fabric. Once when going through a fabric store with one of my teenage sons, he commented, "But Mom, you have a ton of fabric in the basement." My reply, "But it has to age first before I use it!" He was not amused.

I find it amazing how a stash grows so quickly. I haven't even been knitting for two years and I have about 20 balls in my stash. I guess that's what happens when you do a bunch of little projects!

Am I the only one who thinks a photo of a pile of yarn is gorgeous?

Oooo, fun question! I never thought I would have a stash, either. But all those little purchases add up to lots of yardage, and now I have a stack of rubbermaid drawers full of yarn! I can completely relate to the texture thing - one or two of those drawers is full of skeins I'm not likely to use but that felt so squishy or looked so colorful (or cost so little!) I just couldn't pass them up! My biggest stash, though, is probably sock yarn. Love the colors, the weight, the softness...but as you know from my latest knitting adventure I'm pretty bad at making actual socks! So the stash just grows...

I love the afghan on your blog header, it's beautiful! Stash! Sigh, I love my stash, and at the same time I almost hate it, it's very confusing. I totally sympathise, as a knitter and a yarn stasher it's impossible not to become addicted to buying yarn. Hugo suggested I sell some the other day, I think I just looked at him not really comprehending what he was saying! Vanessa xxx

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