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That is fabulous. I love the black and white with the pop of red. Really cute. Is it removable or did you sew it completely closed?

I did sew it closed although it would be easy to knit a flap on top to button on the back instead. As an ornamental pillow it shouldn't get too dirty and the pillow form is washable so I figure if/when it ever needs freshening up again I can just dip the whole thing in the tub and it should all come out fine!

wow did that ever turn out lovely makes a very nice pillow good work keep it up Norma

Oh my gosh! I'm totally obsessed with anything with cherries on it - ever since my mom made me an outfit with white fabric with little cherries all of it. I even have a tattoo of cherries on my arm. So, yes...I love it :)

Yes! This is *really* cute! Congrats!

It's a bit more than kinda cute, it is very awesome!

It is SO cute! I love how bright and cheery it is!

Beautiful Joan! Great design.

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