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But would the whole bigger garment only grow one inch, or would it grow by some percentage?

This is very interesting! The yarn sounds lovely, but the stretching! I admire your perseverance and attention to detail with the swatching, amazing! Now I guess the fun part starts, the designing.................. Have fun! Vanessa xxx

Thanks, Vanessa. I am sort of surprised at my own persistence. It tells me I've grown as a knitter and maybe as a person too -- a younger me would have pitched the whole thing when it didn't turn out the first time.

Because I'm totally new at this kind of thinking....

The clips are a brilliant idea, but how sure are you that they are a good measurement for the force of gravity on your whole sweater? Might the sweater grow more inches, or less inches? If knitting at a tighter gauge would make the fabric stretch less, I would go for that, and adjust the stitch gauge accordingly.

I might have a headache already, just thinking about it. :)

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