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It's still a very very pretty blanket...one that any baby would love...I'm sure...

I don't know how true the colors are on the computer, but it looks really nice.

the colors are now more 'masculine' to use an old term...and the blanket is still gorgeous...why not go with it and finish it off...you could always embroider with the 'bright' colors on the 'now pastel' colors to tie everything together...boats, dinosaurs, cars, trucks, flowers, stick figures, the baby's name and birth date...well, I think you get the idea...it really is lovely, and I agree with Teresa and Dorothy...the baby will love it!!

It looks just fine. The colors are more muted, but still nice.

I actually had to look hard to see the color bleeding. One would not be able to tell once wrappped in this lovely!

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