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Those are super CUTE!

I think the little Baby Ball Cap would be the perfect topper!


Have a lovely day!

oh, cute hat Teresa -- unfortunately we wool-free knitters have no way to felt our work so I can't make that one, but it would have been cute!

Because of your amazing versions, I've put these in my queue. Thanks for inspiring me. Do you knit exactly as written or have any mods? I have had the book for a long time but stopped going to it because I found some of the dimensions a little wonky...

Well, for this bootie pattern I found that only the "small" version works out to be a reasonable size -- the next size up is HUGE. The only modifications I've made are minor and more to change the look than the fit. The changes are as follows:

After completing the picot edging I don't change back to the main color to pick up the fold of the picot. I stick with the white yarn. Then I change color on the NEXT row and it leaves a white stitch mark all around the top of the picot. To me, this makes it look like more of a running shoe.

I also add "ties" by creating a bow with a piece of yarn and stitching it in the middle of the top line.

I cast off with a stretchy bind-off to make it a little easier to put the booties on

Why, a teeny-tiny baseball cap of course!

Did a quick Rav search, but didn't come up with one. :(

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