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I have faith in you :D

I follow the Yarn Harlot's thinking, that you shouldn't do this in summer, but still, it's fun to watch all of this madness, both in London and on blogs. I get the whole competative thing, which is another reason why I'm not doing it this time. (Only with me it is Trivial Pursuit, as I'm a poor speller.) Good luck, I know you can do it.

I got a small project done, and have done about half a side on my log cabin blanket, but I could be farther. Ended up with two grandchildren for a few days, so that kind of slowed me down!

thanks Alyssa and Garret. I'm pressing on!

Go, Marty Go!

It's not looking good for me either. The packing/wedding schedule has left little time for knitting, and my stitch pattern is SLOW.

I'm pressing on though. It's not without hope....

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