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It looks great! My yarn is all in a storage bin at the moment, but I always think organizing it by weight makes the most sense, even if it looks prettier by color.

The yarn bowl is gorgeous!

OMG - I am in love! The cookie jars are particularly genius. Hope it's starting to feel like home. :)

You're making progress! It looks very attractive as well as practical.

I received the calendar from you today!! Thank you so much! I enjoy looking through the patterns and am still wondering how I'll approach this. Of course, in my usual impractical way, I thought I HAD to make everything!! ;) That's not going to happen! It's a wonderful gift.

Sending my sincere thanks.

Thanks for the encouragement -- we are working on the closet at the moment so hope to update you all soon.

How lovely! I will soon need to reorganize my yarn and books, and will use your effort as inspiration! Enjoy settling into your knitting room...

Just lovely! I really like the boxes with clear windows--makes it easy to see what's in there. And I love the cookie jars. Great way to store all the odd ends (although I'd be partial to storing by colour 'cuz I think it would look soooo purty).

Enjoy your lovely new knitting room! :)

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