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Hi Joan...This is a great idea...there's nothing worse than realising you have forgotten a vital piece of equipment on a long journey when there's nothing else to do, is there? I have a travel bag too which I keep stocked all the time.
By the way, I love your new knitting room. It looks so calm and peaceful...I would love to spend the afternoon knitting with you and sipping tea!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Susan x

That is an awesome idea! I hate being without a needed tool. I have two puches at home, but there are tools missing. I should probably pick up a third pouch and stock up on missing do-dads. l

Great idea! I like to keep a darning needle and scrap yarn in mine too.

I checked my 'pouch' there are only a couple of things I have that you don't list

- needle gauge
- crochet cotton for running lifelines
- note pad (with directions for kitchner and jeny's bind off on page 1)

And I have two sizes of crochet hooks - sock yarn sized and light worsted sized

I love this plan! Clear and easy to assemble. I'm definitely going to create a few of these myself.

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