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Oh Hooray! You got your new pap! He looks like a sweetheart! I have one that looks similar that the breeder called a tri-hound.

Yes, he is a hound tri-color papillon. His apparently looks just like his grandfather as a puppy and he was a beautiful dog. We are having fun with him -- getting retrained in the ways of puppy raising. I can't believe how much work it is -- after 9 years you sort of forget. Oh well, keeping us young!

OMG that sweet little puppy! Those ears! What a doll. :)

Yarnia looks like a great place to visit...lucky you to get there before they close up their brick and morter shop! Your custom blend yarn is so pretty, can't wait to see it knitted up!

Thanks Shelley, he is a sweetheart and I notice you have a cat by the same name. Yes, I was really happy I got to Yarnia before it closed. I wish there were more creative yarn stores like that around. We had at great one (Art Fibers) here in SF but sadly it closed out a few years ago as well.

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